*Audio-impression of the album EL CALOR (2010):

NEW RECORDINGS (Friday, 24th October 2014)

Last week I started recording for my new album. There will be for about 8 tracks, all work of mine from the period 1990-2012, things that I had never recorded in the studio before. The guitar will be leading, occasionally surrounded by 2nd guitar, bass guitar, percussion, claps, and perhaps a small fragment of vocal.
Like my 3 former CD’s, there is no company involved. I will take my time (and so does the studio: the 2nd session is planned for the 4th of November). All will be finished and released about March 2016. I am very motivated for this project, and I shall report about the proces once in a while. Here is my first report:

REPORT #1 (recording session 1, 17th October 2014)
Track: Preludio (2012). Line-up: solo guitar

I realised this recording within 3 hours. Out of the 3 albums that I realised untill now, this will be my 2nd studio CD. Again of course I have high artistic demands, but this project will be more relaxed than EL CALOR, where I was hunting for an almost impossible perfection. That album has been realised by all my willings, but now I find myself in another state of mind and life. My current project will be sounding more ‘live’. Here is an example of Preludio.

REPORT #2 (recording session 4, 14th November 2014)
Track: Preludio (rumba 2012). Line-up: 1st guitar, 2nd guitar, bass guitar, percussion

I finished the 1st and 2nd guitar recordings for Preludio’s original musical form, a rumba. The 1st guitar I play on my flamenco Hermanos Conde, the 2nd guitar I play on my classical Ramirez.